Friday, November 6, 2009

Just Feel Your Way

The missionaries were at my home the other day, teaching my friend and her four children about The Restoration. The missionaries were trying to explain The Apostasy i terms the children would understand. They likened the darkness of night while camping to the Apostasy, and a flashlight, or fire, to the gospel. The elders asked the youngest child, an eight-year-old girl, how she would find her way around in the dark. She looked up and simply said, "I would just feel my way."

How profound, I thought. The little girl, no doubt, had visions of outstretched hands grasping at camping chairs and tent doors to find direction, but her comment made me think of something more than that.

In the darkness, we feel to get around. When the light isn't as bright as we hoped, when direction isn't as clear as we would like, when life seems darker than what we are comfortable with, we are just plain having a hard time seeing- we can feel our way.

The darkness we might experience at times can be brought upon by sin, choices and circumstances. But, even when the darkness seems to heavy for us to see, Heavenly Father can still show us the way through the Holy Ghost: We can feel the promptings of the Spirit, even when we see no way out.

I looked at that little girl, who, by this point was laying on the ground playing with her stuffed giraffe, oblivious of the gem of wisdom she just shared, and I was moved. Out of the mouth of babes. I was so ready to teach them something, and yet I was the one that was moved.

Most times I am good, really good. But, what about the times when I am might not be? Well, I will quote a very wise eight-year-old girl and say, "I would just feel my way."

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