Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who's Counting?

Last year I decided to do an experiment. I went through my Book of Mormon and highlighted in blue all the references to God and Jesus Christ. It took a full day. I was amazed and moved at color that filled my scriptures, and the beautiful titles of love and respect that adorned my book: God, the Eternal Father, Father, Eternal God, Supreme Being, Holy God, Most High God, Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ, Savior, Lord, Christ, Only Begotten of the Father, the Holy One, Son of God, Holy Child and Redeemer, just to name a few.

There are 531 pages in the printed Book of Mormon. I counted pages that were touched with blue- 504 pages! There are only 27 pages in pages in the Book of Mormon that do not contain a reference to God and Jesus Christ- most of them in Alma, the war pages. Is it any wonder that it is called Another Testament of Jesus Christ?

To flip through my scriptures with a sea of blue moves me. My testimony of the Book of Mormon came by prayer and through the Holy Ghost. But, this experience has helped to strengthen my testimony of the mission of this perfect book: to testify of Jesus Christ.

Those that wrote the book truly rejoiced in Christ. They looked to God for protection and guidance; they looked to their Savior for redemption from sin. They recorded their dealings with God and each other as testimony to us today.

504 pages of blue. Who's counting? Me.


  1. When my little brother Chris went on his Mission we did something similar. It was awesome to see my scriptures...I uses red & green. I'm actually using that particular Book of Mormon to read D&C right now. It helps so much to strengthen my Testimony.

  2. Thank you Michelle for this post. I'm going to do this, though I'm using purple for The Regal One. :)


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