Sunday, March 13, 2011

And Thus We See... The Bottom Line

My mom is a bottom-line kind of woman. She likes to know the point to what she is reading, hearing, thinking or doing. So much so that when she gets a new book, she reads the last page first, just so she knows the end before she starts.

When I was visiting my mom a few years ago I walked in on her reading the Book of Mormon. High-lighter in hand, she looked up and said, "I love the 'and-thus-we-see' verses. They get right to the point."

They other day I decided to look up all the "and-thus-we-see" verses in the Book of Mormon and I can see why my mother loved them. They get to the bottom line. In 18 verses they teach 9 important lessons. They teach the bottom line of the gospel - the Plan of Salvation.

1. All mankind are fallen and lost (Alma 12:22)

2. Men became mortal and subject to sin and their own will (Alma 42:14)

3. Sin brings inequality, misery & distance from the Lord (Alma 28:13, Alma 42:14, Alma 50:19, Helaman 6:35, Helaman 6:40, Ether 14:25)

4. God is merciful and just (Alma 50:19)

5. He is willing to help us when we come to Him (1 Nephi 16:29,Alma 50:19, Helaman 6:34, Helaman 6:36)

6. Bad things happen when we choose wrong. We lost His support and must experience the consqeunces (Alma 28:14, Alma 30:60, Helaman 6:34, Helaman 6:35, Helaman 6:40, Helaman 12:3, Ether 14:25)

7. Good things happen when we choose good (Alma 24:19, Alma 28:14, Alma 50:19, Helman 6:34)

8. This life is a time to use our agency to follow the Savior. (1 Nephi 17:3, Alma 42:4)

9. One of the most important things we can do is teach others about the plan and how to repent (Alma 28:14)

And thus we see that the bottom line - the moral of the story- the importance of The Plan of Salvation. Everything in the Gospel is a part of it.

How wonderful it is to have a Father in Heaven that created such a wonderful plan, and how wonderful it is to have a mother in earth that sees is so clearly.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I could say that I am a bottom line kind of person; but I can't bare to know the end of a plot before it ends.
    The scriptures thoughts were so good.
    I will check in on your blog again.
    If you get a moment drop by on my blog: Living Waters -

  2. Bad things also happen when you are good. 2 Nephi 2 is proof. Lehi is apologizing to Nephi for the burdens caused by his brothers. The chapter could be interpreted to mean that God doesn't want us to go through bad things, but allows for them because of free agency. But because he allows for the bad, he will consecrate a blessing for us if we remain faithful.


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